Kanimathi’s Story

Having suffered many loss of lives, we are living with deep psychic wounds. The only reason why I still engage in social […]

Suresh’s Story

Having been rehabilitated, I currently work and live happily in my hometown with my wife and children. After witnessing my uncle getting […]

Thomas’s Story

Though 14 years have passed since the end of the armed conflict, we, still surrounded by the Sri Lankan army, live amidst […]

Kandasamy’s Story

I have been living in Mullaithivu since my childhood. There used to be six members in my family, but one of my […]

Gajen’s Story

Although I was born in Mullaithivu, I have lived in Killinochchi since 2001. When I was born in the 1990s, a military […]

Thivakar’s Story

I was born and brought up in the midst of war. My childhood and school life were all about war. Most of […]

Esther’s Story

I am 30 years old. I have lived in Puthukudiyiruppu since I was born. I have two sisters and a brother, all […]

Kothai’s Story

It is the spirits of those pregnant women, children and elders that died in the Mullivaaikkal massacre that still impel me to […]

Analakshmi’s Story

The first memory Analakshmi’s describes of the war is her family’s displacement from the Jaffna peninsula during the 1995 operation by the […]

Vasuki’s Story

“Tell us where your brother is,” the Indian soldiers told Vasuki as they dangled her above a well. They were from the […]