Suba’s Story

One of Suba’s first memories of the war is of the many military checkpoints encountered while travelling. If one didn’t show their identity card, they were not allowed to pass. Informants would be at every checkpoint, with their faces fully covered. If they nodded their head, the person in question would be taken. Some would […]

Darshan’s Story

“I was born into a conflict,” says Darshan, now almost 40 years old. Born in a small village south of Vaharai, all of Darshan’s childhood recollections sit amidst a backdrop of uncertainty and violence. He recalls his earliest memory of the conflict being of the Trincomalee massacres in the mid 1980s. Many Tamils fled from […]

Saroja’s Story

It was early, the sun still mild. Saroja rested on the warm sand in front of her house after finishing her morning chores. “This house was built after the tsunami,” she says. Saroja lived in this region her entire life—a coastal community in the Vaharai region, heavily impacted by the war and the tsunami. “My […]