Shanthi’s Story

Shanthi sits in the shade of a Neem tree beside an old church in Mullaitivu. She is a mother of two, husband-less, but not a widow. She works at a pre-school, and though she can only afford to pay her children’s school tuition every other month, she feeds them three times a day. “That’s what […]

Shalini’s Story

“A lot of hill country Tamils were chased out of their homes and displaced,” Shalini says, remembering the first time as a child she had heard about the unrest between Tamils and Sinhalese. Born in 1967 to a family of well-off farmers in Vavuniya, she was the fifth child out of eleven. Her family owned […]

Kamala’s Story

“The LTTE didn’t have uniforms back then; they used to wear normal clothes,” recalls Kamala as she describes her childhood in Killinochchi, and her first memories of the conflict. “When they walked on streets with their guns, I used to run out to see them.” Kamala was born in 1971 in Mannar and moved to […]